Rob Nicol

Head of NNI...

Heading up the team puts a smile on my face. Its like a “Grand Slam” weekend every day of the week in this place. I follow Spurs and the Scarlets through thick and thin, a quote from me will leave your face with a grin

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Angela Evans

OfficeSales Co-ordinator...

I’m the mummy of the office, always ready for a cwtch. Don’t be fooled by my soft exterior, a panther lies within. Crazy cat lady, tree hugger and veggie. What more would you need, maybe 100kg of Shea Butter?

John Brebner

Global Business

Consultant for NNI...

Organic ingredients are my passion, along with fine red wine and cheeses.

Gardening is my interest, enjoying the produce of my labours that pleases.

Chris Evans

Technical & Quality Executive for NNI...

As the newbie of the team, Joining the company in 2019, I have picked up the vibe of NNI, these are exciting times. Living near Swansea I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, photography and sport in general