Current Update on NNI...

With the lockdown easing around the UK things are becoming a little more normal in the office and staff are coming in on a rota basis, so we have someone manning the phones and it's nice to see people in the flesh rather than on a screen again. 

Although things are easing within the office, the situation around the world is not quite as positive. We are seeing issues within the supply chain on delayed raw materials and increased costs in both freight and materials. This is due to many factors including a reduction in flights for air freight and less staff in customs clearance slowing the process down. But it is also having a dramatic effect right at the beginning of the supply chain with many farms relying on migrant workers to help harvest crops, and with the ban on movement between Countries there is a serious lack of man power needed to harvest the crops. We won't know the full extent of these issues until the harvests are complete, but it could mean less availability and higher prices over the next year. 


It is also effecting the Organic supply chain as certifying bodies are unable to go and do site visits, which is the normal practice, so it has been a learning curve of remote audits and inspections through webcams and this is taking longer than normal to be able to issue new certificates. But with all the amazing technology we have available to us they have been able to work together to find alternative ways of working, which is great and might even open up Organic certification to smaller and more remote producers around the world. 

We are working with all our suppliers to support as much as possible and we are keeping all our customers informed of any delays or issues, so please bare with us and we will get your order out to you as quickly as possible. 

If you need any more information or you have any queries about availability on a particular material please contact our sales team. 

Stay safe and well.