Current Update on NNI...

As we are aware the current pandemic with Covid-19 is affecting life and business as we know it. Our thoughts are with the families who have been affected by the virus and we hope that the crisis is brought under control soon.


In order to help curb the spread many businesses in our industry are doing what they can to limit social interactions whilst still having the unprecedented pressures to keep supermarket shelves stocked with much needed personal care wash products. These increased demands are not only putting pressures on the manufacturing efforts, but they are also putting pressures on the vital raw material supply chain.

Here at Naissance Natural Ingredients (NNI) we have a strong readily available stock holding and secure supply chain for a broad range of natural and organic raw materials. Our teams are working tirelessly to ship orders and support regulatory requests to ensure our industry is supported in its fight to support our nations. 

We understand that many countries around the world are in lockdown and we assume many more will soon be following in their footsteps. So, whilst soaps and hand sanitisers are vital for cleanliness its also important to remember that people’s mental health will be put under pressure as well. Many of our essential oils not only have antiseptic properties but they also have mood enhancing and calming properties. Having access to a calming candle or an energising face serum is also going to be important to help people stay calm, happy and energised during the weeks and months ahead.

We are committed in supporting communities all over the globe with our ethical and sustainable sourcing partnerships. With these unprecedented times we are also committed to supporting our industry, customers and anyone else that might be in need of our raw materials.


We are available to help with all your sourcing requirements and will do our upmost to support you, please contact our sales team with any issues or requirements you have and we will do our best to help.