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The last few years have been exceptionally dry in South Africa causing widespread drought and crop failures. Experts believe this to be a direct result of climate change and so this trend could continue for years to come.

This poses a massive problem for farmers as without access to irrigation systems and water supplies their crops will continue to fail. 

During these harsh droughts the one crop which has proved tough enough to survive is the Kalahari Melon. Originating in the Kalahari and Sahara Deserts, it continues to produce fruit even after months with no water. If offers a source of food and also the seeds which are pressed to produce Kalahari Melon Seed oil. 

The main benefits of Kalahari Melon seed (KMS) oil are its excellent moisturising and skin conditioning properties. The oil
contains up to 70% essential fatty acid as Linoleic acid and is exceptionally rich in natural Vitamin E (2,800 mg/kg, both α-
and γ-tocopherol) and plant sterols, known for their powerful anti-oxidant properties. This natural composition is ideally
suited to promote cell regeneration and support skin barrier function and repair.

* Available as Certified EU  & USDA Organic