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Carrier Oils...

Almond Oil O / C

Andiroba Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil 
O / C
Argan Oil O / C

Arnica Infused Oil 
Avocado Oil 
O / C

Baobab Oil O / C

Babassu Oil 
Borage Oil 
O / C

Cacay Oil 

Calendula Infused Oil O / C

Camelina Infused Oil O / C

Castor Oil O / C
Chia Seed Oil O / C
Coconut Virgin Oil O / C
Coconut Fractionated Oil O / C
Evening Primrose Oil O / C
Flaxseed / Linseed Oil O / C
Grapeseed Oil O / C
Hazelnut Oil O / C

Hemp Oil O / C

Jojoba Golden Oil O / C

Macadamia Oil O / C

Moringa Oil O / C
Neem Oil O / C
Olive Extra Virgin Oil O / C
Palm RSPO Certified Oil O / C
Pomegranate Seed Oil O / C
Prickly Pear Oil O / C
Pumpkin Oil O / C
Raspberry Seed Oil O / C
Rosehip Oil O / C
Safflower Oil O / C
Seabuckthorn Seed & Fruit Oil O / C
Sesame Oil O / C
Soya Oil O / C
Sunflower Oil O / C
Tamanu Oil O / C
Wheatgerm Oil O / C

All products are available as conventional quality 
- EU Organic Certified
C - COSMOS Organic Certified

If the product you are interested in is not listed here please contact us as we are able to source new materials direct from source. 

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