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Essential Oils...

Anise Star

Anthopogon O / C

Artemisia O / C

Basil O / C

Bay O / C


Bergamot FCF O / C

Black Pepper O / C

Blue Tansy O / C


Cardamom O / C


Cedarwood Atlas O / C

Chamomile Roman O / C

Chamomile Blue O / C

Cinnamon Leaf O / C

Cinnamon Bark O / C

Citronella O / C

Clary Sage O / C

Clove Bud O / C




Eucalyptus Globulus O / C

Eucalyptus Lemon O / C

Eucalyptus Radiata O / C

Eucalyptus Smithii

Fennel O / C

Fir Needle O / C

Frankincense Carterii O / C

Frankincense Neglecta O / C

Frankincense Serrata O / C

Geranium Rose O / C

Ginger O / C

Grapefruit White O / C

Helichrysum O / C

Ho Leaf

Juniper berry O / C

Laurel O / C

Lavender O / C

Lavender High Altitude O / C

Lavender Spike O / C

Lavandin O / C

Lemon O / C

Lemon Myrtle O / C

Lemongrass O / C

Lime Distilled O / C

Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) O / C

Mandarin Red O / C

Marjoram Sweet O / C

Myrrh O / C

Myrtle O / C

Neroli O / C

Niaouli O / C

Nutmeg O / C

Orange Sweet O / C


Palmarosa O / C

Patchouli O / C

Peppermint Arvensis O / C

Peppermint Piperita O / C

Petitgrain O / C

Pine Needle O / C

Rose Otto O / C

Rosemary O / C

Sage O / C

Sandalwood O / C

Spearmint O / C


Tea Tree Chinese

Tea Tree Australian O / C

Thyme O / C

Turmeric O / C

Vetiver O / C

Wintergreen O / C

Ylang Ylang Complete O / C

Ylang Ylang I O / C

Ylang Ylang III O / C


All products are available as conventional quality 
- Food Organic Certified
C - COSMOS Organic Certified

If the product you are interested in is not listed here please contact us as we are able to source new materials direct from source. 

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