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Organic Jojoba Oil

As a cooperative settlement (Kibbutz) the project is owned by the local desert community, they are working to reclaim land back from the barren sand and creating a green oasis of Jojoba plants.


The local desert community running the project have over 25 years’ experience in growing and producing Jojoba oil and has a deep connection to the unique desert soil, nurturing from seed to oil.

The Co-op is committed to its values of social and gender equality, de-desertification, communal responsibility and of course creating a sustainable eco-friendly environment.

The plantations are pesticide free and they use recycled water in a drip irrigation system so that no water ever goes to waste. They use renewable energy to power the plantation, with solar panels and turbines. The jojoba pulp, a by-product of the oil production, is used as animal feed. 

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