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Organic Moringa Oil

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The Moringa oil project is a women’s cooperative, which was started to help empower women by giving them the opportunity to earn a living without having to go out to work, meaning they are able to look after their families and still provide an income.

The project started a nursery to grow the saplings to the point that they are producing seeds, these are then distributed to the local community of families. 

Each woman is given a tree to grow by their home, the leaves are edible and a very good source of vitamins and minerals and the seeds can be pressed to produce Moringa Seed oil which can be used in food and cosmetics.   


The women are shown how to maintain the tree, prune it and collect the seeds, then when they have a sack of seeds the project collect the seeds and they are paid cash for them, so it’s like having a money tree in their garden which offers a source of food as well. 

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