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Organic Anthopogon, Artemisia and Wintergreen Oils.

This project was founded in 2000 and is owned by a consortium of community-based forest enterprises of Nepal.


These communities have gained tenure over forest habitat and work to conserve the ecosystem's unique biodiversity and protect the wildlife, while promoting income-generating initiatives.


The shareholders are the community members who sustainably manage the Himalayan forests. The projects success benefits about 15,000 rural poor by empowering them to fight poverty and improve their living standard, while protecting Nepal's unique biodiversity and taking positive action in addressing global climate change.


Through its operations in the rural parts of Nepal, this has been creating employment and income generating opportunities at a local level, while monitoring forest sustainability and addressing social and economical issues. These efforts are helping create reliable supply chains that will benefit local communities for years, while giving customers high quality unique natural products.

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