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Organic Geranium Rose oil and Patchouli oil 

25 years after the war and genocide of 1994 which claimed the lives of over one million Tutsi people, Rwanda has begun to recover, with industry and economy stabilising.


The devastation of the genocide has left a very large population of widows and children, women who lost their husbands in the genocide with families to feed and no way of supporting themselves.


The cultivation and distillation of Essential oils has provided a lifeline to many of these women, with support from the Rwandan government projects have been set up all over the Country, training the Women and giving them the tools and starting materials to be able to build a livelihood for themselves and their families. 


Established in 2016, this projects mission is to be a pioneer in Rwanda for high quality, pure, natural and organic essential oils.

After 3 years of mastering the cultivation process for a variety of aromatic crops, they began to distil their own crops and in 2019 started to export fully certified organic essential oils to the global market.

Naissance are very proud to be the first export buyer of these beautiful Organic Essential oils and support this project with our purchases of these oils. 

This is a privately-owned local company with its own farms which can be found in the Eastern Region of Rwandan, known as the Kayonza District. The Kayonza District is the agricultural hub of Rwanda.

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