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Organic Aloe Vera 

We have been working in partnership with our Aloe Vera farmer for over 5 years. They have created a cooperative of local farmers and the aloe vera is grown organically, with all the weeding done by hand and no herbicides or pesticides in the very hot and dry Southern region of Spain.

The Aloe Vera thrives in these dry conditions and does not require irrigation, the moisture in the air from the sea is enough to sustain them. In fact the lack of water means that the aloe vera gel in the leaves is of a very high quality. 

This is a fantastic crop for farmers to diversify into from the Sunflower, Olive and Grapes that are typical for the area. The Aloe Vera can start to be harvested after the plants are 3 years old, the outer leaves are harvested daily and collected for transport to the manufacturing facility in Madrid.

The Aloe Vera plants produce 6-7 baby plants each year, these grow up around the mother plant and can be replanted to expand the crop further and once established they can will provide an income year round for the farm. 

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