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Organic Grapefruit oil 

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The Grapefruit market has been very unsettled over

the past few years, and the main cause for this is a

tiny moth called the Asian Citrus Psyllid moth.

This moth spreads a disease known commonly as citrus greening disease. The disease effects the whole plant, yellowing in the leaves, restricting water and nutrient flow through the veins and then killing the entire plant.


The disease, first identified in 2005, destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of citrus in Florida and has also been found in Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Concerns for the spread of the disease have also increased in California where the Asian citrus psyllid moth was discovered in southern parts of the state last year.

The Citrus growers in South Texas where we source our Organic Grapefruit oil, have been involved in a comprehensive management program in recent years to control Asian psyllid populations in an effort to curtail the chances of infection.

Grapefruit production in Texas has gained ground this year with production at 211,000 tons, a 10% increase from last season’s drought-stricken crop.

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